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Oaks Fifth at Mid-Atlantic Team Race

dsc_0835The Oaks finished fifth at the MASSA Fall Team Race Championship in the waters off Annapolis over the weekend. Severn of Maryland won the event.

Daniel Vail, Ellie Maus, and Parker Purrington were skippers for the Oaks number one team, which finished 8-4. Norfolk Academy, the only other TCIS competitor, finished 12th of 13 teams with a 1-11 record.


1 Severn Severn School Admirals 11-1 Stephanie Houck ’17 Abby Tindall ’19
Jordan Bruce ’20 Blair Reilly ’18
Caroline Bayless ’19 Caroline McNeil ’18
Mariner Fagan ’20 Aidan Morgan ’17
Sam Bruce ’20 Camille White ’18
Madeline Hawkins ’20 Sophie Taczak ’16
* 2 Christchurch Christchurch School Seahorses 10-2 Benton Amthor ’19 Alara Sahin ’18
Brendan Little ’18 Carson Rozell ’19
Boyd Bragg ’19 Sally Johnson ’18
Marianna Guzman ’19 Eric DeMaro ’18
Austin Freda ’17
** 3 Annapolis Annapolis High School Panthers 10-2 Remington King ’17 Kimberly Leonard ’18
Porter Kavle ’18 Claire Spanhake ’20 *
Nicholas Salvesen ’18 Ava Walker ’19
* 4 Mamaroneck Mamaroneck High School Tigers 8-4 Lizzy Kaplan ’19 Guy Santee ’19
Emma Cowles ’19 Eloise Smith ’18 *
Carmen Cowles ’19 Julia Henderson ’19 *
** 5 Norfolk Collegiate Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 8-4 Daniel Vail ’17 Sarah Smith ’18
Ellie Maus ’18 Matt Wright ’19
Parker Purrington ’19 Chris Robertson ’19
Clare Harbin ’19



Sailors Second and Fifth in First Regatta

dsc_0827Collegiate’s sailors got the season off to a fine start, finishing second and fifth in the first regatta last weekend on the Elizabeth River.

Teams from Christchurch finished first, third, and fourth at the day-long regatta.

For more pictures, go to Oaks sailing.



Oaks Fourth at ACC Regatta

DSC_0649After two days on the water, the Oaks earned a fourth-place finish in the Atlantic Coast Championship sailing regatta on the Elizabeth River.

St. Thomas Aquinas of Florida took first place among the 18 competing teams. The Key School finished second followed by Christchurch School. Norfolk Academy finished seventh.

For more pictures from the weekend and the season, go to Oaks Sailing.

1 Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Raiders 54 40 94
2 Key School Zags                                                                              33 73 106
3 Christchurch School Seahorses                                 41 66 107
4 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks                      60 69 129
5 Falmouth Maine High School, Yachtsmen            91 75 166
6 Broadneck High School Bruins                                  109 63 172
7 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs                           113 62 175
8 Cape Elizabeth High School Capers            98 100 198
9 Pine Lake Prep  Varsity                              85 117 202
10 Severn School DSC_0640Admirals                                          105 99 204DSC_0687

Oaks Second in Regatta

DSC_0689The Oaks teams finished second, fourth, and seventh in the Saturday regatta on the Lafayette River on Saturday.

Norfolk Academy earned first place honors.

Twenty four teams from 15 schools competed in winds that varied from 12-18 mph in choppy seas.
More pictures at Oaks Sailing.


DSC_0784 DSC_0860

Sailors Second in Saturday Regatta

DSC_0869 The Oaks sailors finished second to Christchurch School on a day when the wind took its time filling in Saturday afternoon on the Elizabeth River.

The second Oaks team finished fifth overall.

For complete results of the 23 competing teams, go to VISA Race.

For more pictures, go to Collegiate sailing.


DSC_1002DSC_0773 DSC_0689

Fall Sports Awards

Here are the awards for the Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player and the OAK Award winner for the fall teams.

The OAK Award is presented to a student-athlete “who maximizes his or her abilities (Overachiever), exhibits the proper (Attitude) in practice and games, and is a real student of the sport (Knowledge).”

DSC_1421Varsity volleyball – Peyton Fancher (OAK), Bailey Jones (MVP), and Abby Wright (MIP)

JV volleyball – Madison Doyle (OAK) and Bren Coakley (MVP)

Middle School OAKS volleyball – Brooke Rogers (OAK)

Middle School BLUE volleyball – Logan Michelon (OAK)

_DSC0589Varsity field hockey – Frances Boyer (OAK), Demetra Protogyrou (MVP), and Logan White (MIP)

Middle School field hockey – Emma Wentworth (OAK)

Cross Country (boys) – Matthew Unrein (OAK), Chandler Branton (MVP), and Thomas Batzel (MIP)

Cross Country (girls) – Claudia King (OAK), Natalie Batzel (MVP), and Gina Leanzo (MIP)

Varsity girls tennis – Rachel Brodsky (OAK), Gabrielle Toomy (MVP), and Antonia Farny (MIP)

DSC_0240Junior Varsity tennis – Kayl ee Bejarano (OAK) and Ellie Robertson (MVP)

Varsity sailing – Nick Baker (OAK), Dreugh Phillips (MVP), and Ellie Maus (MIP)

Junior Varsity sailing – Hannah Garcia (OAK) and Alex Holt (MVP)

Varsity boys soccer – Chris Bianchi (OAK), Christian Keller (MVP), and Hunter Lee (MIP)

Junior Varsity boys soccer – Amir Horton (OAK) and Jacob Roth (MVP)

Middle School boys soccer – Abe Musselmani (OAK)


Varsity girls tennis –Maren Nordgreen

Varsity boys soccer – Mary Elizabeth Corliss and Virginia Sanford



DSC_1033 - Copy

Sailors Second in State

DSC_0872 (2)Sailing in rough conditions that saw only four of 18 boats still on the water for the final race, Norfolk Collegiate’s varsity finished second Saturday in the state championship.

The Oaks ended the day of six races with 26 points, five behind winner Christchurch and 11 ahead of third-place Norfolk Academy.

Winds built to 17 mph with gusts over 20 mph and seas were a choppy two-three feet making it a tough day for many boats.

Two boats from each school are scored to reach the final results.

In postseason honors, junior skipper Dreugh Phillips and freshman crew Sarah E. Smith and junior skipper Victor Layne and sophomore crew Daniel Vail each were named to the first team All-TCIS squad.

For pictures from the season, go to Oaks sailing.

DSC_0674 (2)


Sailors Second at TCIS Championship

DSC_1045Norfolk Collegiate’s varsity sailing team finished second Tuesday at the TCIS Championship behind Norfolk Academy.

The Oaks had the top boat in the competition, but the scores of the designated top three boats are totaled to determine the team championship. Collegiate’s boats finished first, fourth, and tenth in the regatta (another Collegiate boat finished sixth, but was not among those counted in the final standings).
Nansemond-Suffolk Academy finished third in the five-school regatta.

The final point totals were: Norfolk Academy 109, Norfolk Collegiate 120, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy 234. Lowest score wins. Nine races were sailed.

The Oaks sail in the state championship on Saturday.

DSC_0751 (2)1 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 1       17 17
2 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 1                       31 31
3 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 2                       58 58
4 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 3     62 62
5 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 3 64 64
6 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 6     73 73
7 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 8 78 78
8 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 5 79 79
9 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Varsity 1 80 80
10 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 2   92 92
11 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 6 111 111
12 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 5   119 119
13 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Varsity 2 124 124
14 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 7 125 125
15 Hampton Roads Academy Varsity 1 133 133
16 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 4 143 143
17 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 7 148 148
18 Walsingham Academy Varsity 1 151 151
19 Hampton Roads Academy Varsity 3 160 160
20 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 8 175 175
21 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Varsity 3 176 176
22 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 4 185 185
23 Walsingham Academy Varsity 2 188

Sailors Third and Ninth at Regional Races

DSC_0515The Oaks sailing team finished third in a weekend team racing regatta featuring schools from the Mid-Atlantic in Rochester, NY.

Skippers for the Collegiate boats were Victor Layne, Dreugh Phillips, Ellie Maus, and Darden Purrington while Nick Baker, Sarah Smith, Daniel Vail, and Nathan Stell were the crews.

A week earlier, Collegiate sailors finished ninth at the regional fleet racing championships.

DSC_0540Mid_Atlantic Team Race at Rochester.


1 Christchurch School Seahorses 18-2 Hector Guzman ’16 Claire Rae ’16
Jack Elkin ’15 Eric DeMario ’18
Alex Moreno ’15 Annabel Carrington ’15
Andy Burns ’17

2 Severn School Admirals 14-6 Floyd Nick ’15 Morgan Ian ’15
White Emma ’15 Blair Reilly ’18 *
Connor Bayless ’17 Bass Parker ’16
Houck Stephanie ’17
McNeil Caroline ’18

20141019_1315003 Norfolk Collegiate School Varsity 10-7 Dreugh Phillips ’16 Sarah Smith ’18
Ellie Maus ’18 Nathan Stell ’17
Darden Purrington ’16 Nick Baker ’16
Victor Layne ’16 Daniel Vail ’17


4 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 11-9 Gray Kiger ’16 Alek Sas ’18
James Whitmore ’16 Marshall McCraw ’16
Jessica Williams ’16 Alexander Singh ’15
5 Annapolis High School Panthers 10-10 Kyle Comerford ’15 Kimberly Leonard ’18
Porter Kavle ’18 Nicholas Salvesen ’15
Remington King ’15 Lexi Pline ’15
Sarah Smith ’15
Rebecca Osborn ’15

Mid-Atlantic Fleet Race Oct. 18 at Annapolis

1. Christchurch School

2. Severn School

3. Norfolk Academy

4. Annapolis High School.

5. Key School.

6. Irondequit High School.

7. Christian Brothers Academy.

8. Archbishop Spalding High School.

9. Norfolk Collegiate.

10. Rumson-Fairhaven Regional High School.

DSC_0595 (2)

Oaks Win Regatta

DSC_1045Collegiate sailors ruled the waves Saturday, winning the fleet racing regatta on the Elizabeth River, ten points ahead of second-place Christchurch School.

The Oaks finished with 39 points, Christchurch had 49 points, and third place finisher Norfolk Academy had 58 points.

The team of skipper Dreugh Phillips and crew Sarah Smith led the fleet with 18 points in seven races while skipper Ellie Maus and crew Ashley Obermeyer were closed behind with 21 points (lowest point total wins).

DSC_1124The Oaks sail at home on the Elizabeth River on Thursday, then travel to the MASSA Fleet Race in Maryland over the weekend.

For more pictures, go to Oaks sailing.

VISA Fleet Race Regatta

1. Norfolk Collegiate 39; 2. Christchurch 49; 3. Norfolk Academy 58; 4. Poquoson 120; 5. Phoebus 128; 6. Hampton Roads 152; 7. St. Christopher’s 167; 8. York 172; 9. Walsingham 191; 10. St. Catherine’s 225; 11. Smithfield 230; 12. Maury 233.

DSC_1290 DSC_1167