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Girls Fall Short in TCIS Quarterfinal

dsc_5457The Oaks girls basketball team ended its season Tuesday with a 50-44 defeat at Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School.

PK Dawson led the Oaks with 15 points. She was the only Collegiate player in double figures.

Bishop Sullivan 50, Norfolk Collegiate 44

NORFOLK COLLEGIATE: Grinnan 3, Larkin 9, Tesslar 8, Howell 3, Maus 6, Dawson 15.

BISHOP SULLIVAN: Cajes 8, Moran 7, Gaughan 5, Marshall 10, Smith 1, DiBuono 17, Wohner 2


dsc_5476 dsc_5463

Boys Comeback Falls Short

dsc_5664The Oaks clawed back from 18 points down in the first half to within three points in the final minutes, but couldn’t get over the top, falling 77-72 to Walsingham Academy in the TCIS quarterfinal Tuesday at home.

Senior Kile McNair finished his career in style, pouring in 20 points.

For more pictures and video, go to Boys Hoops.

Walsingham 77, Norfolk Collegiate 72

WALSINGHAM: Blow 5, S. Jones 14, West 8, Palogan 17, Stewart 33.

NORFOLK COLLEGIATE: Swartz 6, Robertson 7, Battle 13, Chatman 6, McNair 20, Davis 14, Stutt 2, Shipp 2, Hines 2.

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Boys Win Fifth Straight TCIS Game

A strondsc_5526g first half carried the boys basketball team to a fifth straight TCIS win, 67-56, over Hampton Roads Academy on Friday.

Jordan Battle, slashing inside and hitting from the outside, led the Oaks with 21 points. Kile McNair dropped in 13 and Jakeim Roberton added 11.

Earlier in the week, the Oaks destroyed Norfolk Christian, 88-57, behind a career-high 15 points by Joey Swartz, 15 from McNair and 24 from Battle. Battle pulled down a dozen rebounds from his guard position.

For more pictures and video, go to Oaks Hoops.

Norfolk Collegiate 67, Hampton Roads 56
HAMPTON ROADS ACADEMY: Humphrey 12, Norton 14, Jimmison 6, Boyer 10, Picot 2, Pettaway 7, Stover 3, Bartol 2.
NORFOLK COLLEGIATE (10-14, 6-2): Robertson 11, Battle 21, Lewis 2, McNair 13, Davis 9, Stutt 9, Hines 2.

dsc_5541Norfolk Collegiate 88, Norfolk Christian 57
NORFOLK COLLEGIATE (9-14, 5-2): Swartz 15, Robertson 4, Battle 24, Lewis 5, Cantu 2, McNair 15, Davis 11, Stutt 7, Hines 3, Shipp 2.
NORFOLK CHRISTIAN: Phillips 2, Elliot 1, Ford 12, Lawton 13, Dance 12, Hatcher 3, Payton 14.


Jordan Battle Scores


dsc_5523 dsc_5506


It’s Raining Treys; Boys Demolish Peninsula Catholic

dsc_5151The Oaks drained 16 bombs Tuesday night on the way to demolishing Peninsula Catholic, 81-37.

A.J. Davis and Landon Stutt each hit four and Jordan Battle knocked down three.

Battle led the Oaks with 24 points while Stuff had 18 and Davis had 14.

The team is 7-13 on the season. More pictures at Oaks Hoops.

Norfolk Collegiate 81, Peninsula Catholic 37

PENINSULA CATHOLIC: Candella 2, Claiborne 19, Taleghani 2, Booker 6, Piersawl 4, Dawan 4.

NORFOLK COLLEGIATE (7-13,3-2): Swartz 8, Robertson 4, Battle 24, Lewis 6, McNair 3, Davis 14, Stutt 18, Hines 4.

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Girls Earn Win over Walsingham

dsc_5131PK Dawson scored 11 points and Skylar Tessler pulled down 11 rebounds as the Oaks girls basketball team defeated Walsingham, 31-24, Friday at home.

Ashby Larkin added eight points for the Oaks.
Earlier in the week, the Oaks fell to Bishop Sullivan, 62-25.

For more pictures and video, go to Oaks Girls Hoops.

Norfolk Collegiate 31, Walsingham 24
WALSINGHAM: Riggs 4, Morcombe 4, Abraham 4, Julien 2, Williams 10.
NORFOLK COLLEGIATE: Grinnan 4, Larkin 8, Tessler 6, Powell 2, Dawson 11.

dsc_5098Bishop Sullivan 62, Norfolk Collegiate 25
BISHOP SULLIVAN: Sande 4, Moran 8, Gaughan 13, Rich 2, Marshall 2, Edwards 5, Valencia 2, DiBuono 25, Wohner 1.
NORFOLK COLLEGIATE: Grinnan 3, Casper 2, Tessler 2, Maus 4, Dawson 14.





Boys Defeat Walsingham

dsc_5172_dxoJordan Battle led the Oaks with 16 points as the boys basketball team downed Walsingham Academy, 54-49, Friday at home.

Kile McNair with 14 points and Jakeim Robertson with 12 were also in double figures for Collegiate. The team is now 6-13 on the season.

Earlier in the week, Collegiate fell to Bishop Sullivan Catholic High Schol, 74-50.

For more pictures and video, go to Boys Hoops.

Norfolk Collegiate 54, Walsingham 49
WALSINGHAM: Gero 7, Blow 2, Jones 3, West 6, Balogun 13, Stewart 18.

NORFOLK COLLEGIATE(6-13, 20): Robertson 12, Battle 16, McNair 14, Davis 7, Stutt 3, Chatman 2


Bishop Sullivan 74, Norfolk Collegiate 50
NORFOLK COLLEGIATE: Robertson 10, Battle 8, Lewis 4, Cantu 3, McNair 19, Davis 3, Stutt 1, Hines 2.

BISHOP SULLIVAN: Ford 5, Holmes 5, Nesbitt 9, Wells 6, Newman 2, Mobley 6, Smith 8, John 3, Tebay 14, White 6, Barfield-Owens 10.dsc_5148



Girls Down Greenbrier Christian

dsc_4884A balanced attack carried the girls basketball team to a 55-37 win over Greenbrier Christian.

Three Oaks scored in double figures led by Briana Powell’s 15 points.

The girls play Tuesday at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy.

Norfolk Collegiate 55, Greenbrier Christian 37

NORFOLK COLLIGIATE: Grinnan 7, Larkin 8, Tessler 11, Powell 15, Dawson 14.

GREENBRIER CHRISTIAN: Spangler 24, Rivera 2, Wentz 2, Belforf 7, Burford 2.



Girls Basketball Team Photos

dsc_4861The girls basketball team plays in the St. Gertrude’s Tournament this week.

Here are photos from the Steward game earlier this month. No more details are available because box scores have not been shared.

For more photos, go to Girls Hoops.


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Hoops Teams Earns Home Win

dsc_4838The Oaks basketball team went into the holiday break with a convincing 82-58 home win over the NICE Thunder.

The win was the second consecutive for the team, now 3-7, after defeating Christchurch School, 55-54.

Earlier in the month, Collegiate bowed to Hampton Roads Academy 63-51.

In the NICE game, Jordan Battle led the team with 23 points and five rebounds, but it was a full team effort. A.J. Davis had 19 points, Jakeim Robertson had 16 points and nine boards, and Kile McNair poured in ten points and had six rebounds and four assists.

For more pictures and video, go to Oaks Boys Hoops.

The team plays tonight at the Boo Williams Tournament.

dsc_4794dsc_4811 dsc_4818 dsc_4799



Boys Hoops Team Earns First Win

dsc_4759Freshman A.J. Davis, bombing from the outside, had 26 points to lead the Oaks on a second-half comeback and secure new coach Junior Burrough’s first win at home Tuesday over Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, 67-57.

Senior Kile McNair chipped in with 13 points and pulled down 10 rebounds for the Oaks. Jakeim Robertson added a dozen points.
For more pictures, go to Boys Basketball.

Norfolk Collegiate 67, Nansemond-Suffolk 57

NANSEMOND-SUFFOLK: Pettaway 7, D. White 10, Freeman 7, R. White 10, Salmon 5, Faulk 7,Strothers 11.

NORFOLK COLLEGIATE: Swartz 2, Robertson 12, Battle 10, Cantu 2, McNair 13, Davis 26, Hines 2.

Win over Nansemond-Suffolk

dsc_4746 dsc_4713