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Spring Sports Awards

DSC_9929Here are the awards for the Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player and the OAK Award winner for the spring teams.

The OAK Award is presented to a student-athlete “who maximizes his or her abilities (Overachiever), exhibits the proper (Attitude) in practice and games, and is a real student of the sport (Knowledge).”

Varsity girls’ soccer — Natalie Batzel (OAK), Sarah Smith (MVP), Hayley Tate (MIP)

JV girls’ soccer — Meg Lockhart (OAK), Maddie Foster (MVP)

Middle School girls’ soccer–Veronica Gross (OAK)

Varsity girls’ crew –– Gabby Leporati (OAK), Frances Boyer (MVP), Blair Hurley (MIP)

Varsity boys’ crew — Nathan Stell (OAK), Ari Goldman (MVP), Kadin Benjamin (MIP)

DSC_1509Varsity boys’ tennis — Nick Baker (OAK), Alex Loope (MVP), Daniel Duan (MIP)

JV/MS boys’ tennis — David Britt (OAK), Justin Silverman (MVP)

Varsity girls’ lacrosse — Alexandra Cook (OAK), Peyton Fancher (MVP), Lizzie Howlett (MIP)

JV/MS girls’ lacrosse –Finley Connors (OAK), Ashley Obermeyer (MVP)

DSC_6475Varsity boys’ lacrosse — Hunter Lee (OAK), Joey Swartz (MVP), Noah Siebert (MIP)

Middle School boys’ lacrosse — Tyler Huckaby (OAK)

Varsity baseball — Edward Sutelan (OAK), Paul Mahoney (MVP), Dylan Cheek (MIP)

JV baseball — Josh Hutson (OAK), Alex Potter (MVP)

Middle School baseball — Harrison Williams (OAK)

DSC_8810Varsity golf – Baodan Collins (OAK), Jacob Oliver (MVP), Parker Banks (MIP)

JV golf – Amir Horton (OAK), Trip Walden (MVP)

Varsity softball – Morgan Kimberly (OAK), Allison Casper (MVP), and Sophie Zhou (MIP)

JV softball – Hailey Hux (OAK), Stella Escano (MVP)

Managers — Miller Solomon (JV/MS boys’ tennis), Jordan Dobrinsky (Varsity girls’ lacrosse), Liesel Abraham (Varsity boys’ lacrosse), Helena Banks (Varsity boys’ lacrosse)


Spring Sports Award Winners

annie DSC_8509 DSC_7037 DSC_6716Here are the awards for the Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player and the OAK Award winner for the spring teams.

The OAK Award is presented to a student-athlete “who maximizes his or her abilities (Overachiever), exhibits the proper (Attitude) in practice and games, and is a real student of the sport (Knowledge).”

Varsity track (girls) – Alexis Shelton (OAK), Shahra Madison (MVP), and Alejandra Radiguet-Correa (MIP)

Varsity track (boys’) – Steve Turack (OAK), Marcus Anderson (MVP), and Henry Lou (MIP)

JV track (girls’) – Joi Harper (OAK) and Aja Shelton (MVP)

JV track (boys’) – Henry Lou (OAK) and K’yonze Chavis (MVP)

MS track (girls’) – Ella Bashara (OAK)
Varsity baseball – Cabell Thomas (OAK), Mark Howlett (MVP), and Reid Wilkinson (MIP)

JV baseball – Jackson Burke (OAK) and Hunter Flora (MVP)

MS baseball – Michael Gilday (OAK)

Varsity soccer – Georgia Drinkwater (OAK), Natalie Kanter (MVP), and Madison Parker (MIP)

JV soccer – Catherine Moore (OAK) and Georgia White (MVP)

MS soccer – Logan Michelon (OAK)

Varsity golf –Sammi Rappaport (OAK), Baodan Collins (MVP), and Alex Holt (MIP)

JV golf – Tyler Hamlin (OAK) and Nick Selig (MVP)

Varsity boys’ lacrosse – Trey Ritter (OAK), Joey Swartz (MVP), and Chris Beck (MIP)

MS boys’ lacrosse – Chris Bunch (OAK)

Varsity crew (girls’) – Hannah Garcia (OAK), Frances Boyer (MVP), and Lauryn Brooks (MIP)

Varsity crew (boys’) – Michael Ortiz (OAK), Gates Breeden (MVP), and Nathan Stell (MIP)

Varsity boys’ tennis – Narain Rijhwani (OAK), Alex Loope (MVP), and Chase Pearson (MIP)

JV/MS boys’ tennis – Austin Sisino (OAK) and Jordan Laster (MVP)

Varsity softball — Morgan Kimberly (OAK), Emma Stell (MVP), and Julia Bianchi (MIP)

JV/MS softball – Allison Casper (OAK) and Catherine Perrine (MVP)

Varsity girls’ lacrosse –-Annie Bashara (OAK), Virginia Marshall (MVP), and Savannah Hoover (MIP)

JV/MS girls’ lacrosse – Grace Georgo (OAK) and Gabby Grinnin (MVP)


JV/MS girls’ softball—Meredith Perrine

JV/MS tennis –Miller Solomon

Varsity softball – Clay Tinkham

Varsity girls’ lacrosse — Zoe Papadopoulos

Reminder: Free Summer Training Begins June 17


Free summer training for athletes in grades 6 through 12 by strength and conditioning coach Dan Nichols starts June 17 at the upper school.

Nichols, who has been working with Collegiate athletes over the past six months, will offer sessions from 9 a.m to 10:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. from Monday through Thursday. An athlete may attend as many sessions as he or she chooses.

Many Collegiate coaches have summer plans for training sessions over the next three months so that our athletes will get sharper and more skilled.

DSC_5033For the sessions with Nichols expect to work hard, sweat hard, and give your all, but they will be designed with fun in mind, knowing that the work will pay dividends in August, or November, or February–whenever the next season starts.

Nichols will offer training in speed, agility, strength, power, and conditioning. Athletes can come twice a day if they wish, every day, every other day, once a week–whatever suits their schedule. Obviously, the more regular the sessions, the more immediate the results. Coaches of individual sports will communicate details about their sessions soon.

For varsity athletes, formal training sessions will begin August 12, and specific details will be posted on the website later in the summer.


Spring Athletics Awards

DSC_7365Here are the awards for the Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player and the OAK Award winner for the spring teams.

The OAK Award is presented to a student-athlete “who maximizes his or her abilities (Overachiever), exhibits the proper (Attitude) in practice and games, and is a real student of the sport (Knowledge).”

Varsity baseball: Vince Thomas (OAK), Will Daniel (MVP) and Nick Curtis (MIP)DSC_6963

Varsity boys’ crew: Paul Dougherty (OAK), Ari Goldman (MVP) and Joey Conn (MIP)

Varsity girls’ crew: Lee Markley (OAK), Madison Chapman (MVP) and Allison Kesser (MIP)

Varsity boys’ lacrosse: Davis King (OAK), Trey Ritter (MVP) and Philip Trapani (MIP)


Varsity girls’ lacrosse: Virginia Marshall (OAK), Annie Bashara (MVP) and Blair Hurley (MIP)

Varsity girls’ soccer: Ann Burns Morrison (OAK), Natalie Kanter (MVP) and Cameron Brown (MIP)

Varsity boys’ tennis: Chase Pearson (OAK), Narain Rijhwani (MVP) and Alex Loope (MIP)

Varsity boys’ track: David Wang (OAK), Nate Miller (MVP) and Steve Turack (MIP)

DSC_5029Varsity girls’ track: Alexis Shelton (OAK), Anyssa Reddix (MVP) and Kiva Adams (MIP)

JV golf: Sammi Rappaport (OAK) and Chandler Branton (MVP)

JV girls’ soccer: Ashby Larkin (OAK) and Sarah Smith (MVP)

JV boys’ tennis: Justin Silverman (OAK) and Michael Dashiell (MVP)


JV boys’ track: Frankie White (OAK) and Oliver Gates (MVP)

JV girls’ track: Faith Rush (OAK) and Bailey Holmes-Spencer (MVP)

Middle School baseball: Dylan Cheek (OAK)

Middle School girls’ lacrosse: Abby Wright (OAK)

Middle School boys’ lacrosse: Josh Swartz (OAK)

Middle School girls’ soccer: Julia Bianchi (OAK)

Middle School softball: Allison Casper (OAK)



Varsity boys’ lacrosse: Ashley Cota and Jessica Sutherland

Varsity girls’ lacrosse: Emma Segaloff

Varsity track: Henry Zhao and Ning Wang

JV boys’ tennis: Austin Fattizzi

Crew Team Finishes Season, Novices Take Gold


The Norfolk Collegiate crew team completed its season over the weekend with the women’s novice teams of four and eight taking home golds at the Independent Schools Regatta.

The previous weekend, the Oaks had a tough regatta, not finishing in the top five, but the rowers did bring home several second and third place finishes.
Here are some shots, thanks to Wina Giddens, from recent regattas. For more pictures, go to Oaks Crew 2013.







Standing-Room-Only Rally Opens Sports Season

The all sports athletic meeting transformed into an old-fashioned pep rally with chants of “Let’s Go Oaks!” echoing through a packed Watt-Baker Gymnasium Monday night.

The rally concluded with Collegiate coaches linking arms and giving one final “Oaks!” before sending the full house home.

New Athletic Director Mary Peccie promised her passionate, professional staff would build a sense of community within the school and better communicate with parents and students. Sports, she said, “is about building character as much as accomplishment. It’s about building the whole child.”

Peccie, who said moving from Norfolk Academy to Collegiate was the best thing she’d done in her professional life, turned cheerleader at the meeting’s end, orchestrating the crowd in chants.

Old Dominion University Athletic Director Wood Selig gave the keynote address, discussing Pat Conroy’s “My Losing Season” and highlighting some of the late UCLA basketball coach John Wooden’s favorite maxims.

Among them:

Being average means you are as close to the bottom as you are to the top.

If you do not have the time to do it right, when will you find the time to do it over.

Discipline yourself and others won’t need to.

Be slow to criticize and quick to commend.

Much can be accomplished by teamwork when no one is concerned who gets credit.

Acquire peace of mind by making the effort to become the best of which you are capable.

Earlier in the meeting, Headmaster Scott Kennedy spoke about the school’s renewed focus on athletics and the whole student. Norfolk Collegiate, he noted fields more than 50 teams and 65 percent of students in grades six through 12 play at least one sport.

“We are committed to finding the resources our student athletes need,” Kennedy said, encouraging parents to donate to the Norfolk Collegiate Booster Club.

Reminder: All Sports Meeting Tonight



The meeting for parents and students interested in all sports runs from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Watt-Baker Gymnasium tonight. In the past, there have been meetings before each season, but this meeting is for all sports. 

Old Dominion University Athletic Director Wood Selig, a Norfolk Collegiate board member, will speak. Come out and fill the gym to hear about Collegiate’s renewed commitment to athletics.

Meeting for All Sports on Aug. 27

From Mary Peccie, the athletic director:

On Monday, August 27, from 7-8 p.m. we will hold our Athletic Information Night in the Watt-Baker Gymnasium (upper school gym) for all students who will participate in athletics and their parents. This event is for all athletes and parents, not just those who play in the fall. We will have important information regarding policies and expectations, and Wood Selig, NCS class of 1979 and director of athletics at Old Dominion University, will speak to us about the role of athletics at our school.

Don’t forget to get your athletic physicals before starting the fall season.

Pictures from Crew Regatta

The crew team has been hard at work. Here are some pictures from last weekend’s regatta on the James River. For more, go to the Oaks Crew team web site. 

For more pictures, go to the team’s Picassa page at Oaks Row.