Grapplers Fourth at Conference Championships

DSC_3142Chris Bianchi, Miles Edmond, and Corey Nichols were second place finishers as the Oaks finished fourth in the TCIS Conference Championships Saturday at Cape Henry.

Team standings

1. Cape Henry 232.5, 2. Norfolk Academy 199, 3. Bishop Sullivan Catholic 152, 4. Norfolk Collegiate 141.5, 5. Peninsula Catholic 119, 6. Norfolk Christian 54.

MVP: Max Baker, Bishop Sullivan Catholic.

Top four placewinners:

DSC_3102(Tournament is round-robin format)

106: 1. Luke Harvich (Cape Henry), 2. Chris Bianchi (NCo), 3. Ben Johnston (NCh), 4. Justin Zahn (NA).

113: 1. Joe Benedetto (NA), 2. Miles Edmond (NCo), 3. Matt Johnson (CH), 4. William Harris (CH).

120: 1. Logan Harvich (CH), 2. Nick Zimmerman (PC), 3. Petey Decker (NA), 4. Ari Goldman (NCo).

126: 1. Spencer Barger (BSC), 2. Corey Nichols (NCo), 3. Matthew Rushing (PC), 4. Khalid Wilson (NCh).

132: 1. Dunstin Runzo (NA), 2. Jacob Konikoff (CH), 3. Elijah Nestor (NCo), 4. Koleman Joy (PC).

DSC_2996138: 1. Sean Kiddy (PC), 2. Matthew Lascara (BSC), 3. Warren Moss (NA), 4. Clay Morrison (CH).

145: 1. Thomas Salazar (BSC), 2. Mitchell Kucy (CH), 3. James Dublin (NCo), 4. Chris Kazakis (NA).

152: 1. Jackson Law (CH), 2. Ross Kazakis (NA), 3. Austin Stansberry (BSC), 4. Jacob Conn (NCo).

160: 1. Max Baker (BSC), 2. Garrett Smith (CH), 3. Chris Beck (NCo), 4. Wilson Ford (NA).

170: 1. Zach Zimmerman (PC), 2. Prince Charles (CH), 3. Will Wilson (NA), 4. Prekunas Reventas (BSC).

182: 1. Matthew Cooper (NA), 2. Jake Kantor (CH), 3. Thomas Lopresti (BSC), 4. Michael Kamisiuk (PC).

195: 1. Jeb Forehand (NCh), 2. Jake Lowenstein (CH), 3. Blake Sibley (NCo), 4. Matthew McKnelly (NA).

220: 1. Lyons Lascara (NA), 2. Hunter Christians (CH), 3. Jack Francis (NCo), 4. Gavin Brinkley (PC).

285: 1. Bryan Scannell (PC), 2. D’Ante Spence (NA), 3. Colton Wynne (CH). Tidewater Conference championships

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  1. Way to go Blake, we are proud of you, California Nanaw

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