Wrestlers 5-1 Over Weekend. TCIS Tourney at Home Next

Wrestlers Finish Regular Season with 5-1 Weekend To Go 25-15 for the Season.

VMI bound Tony Protogyrou Improves NCS Career Record Wins to 179

The Oaks traveled to First Flight High School in Nags Head Friday going 2-1 on the day. The team defeated Pasquotank High School 63-3, Edenton 48-33, before dropping a hard fought match to host First Flight 44-27. The wrestlers returned Saturday morning to host three TCIS rivals in duals while also hosting the Little Oaks MS/JV Invitational Tournament. The wrestlers topped Greenbrier Christian 72-0, Peninsula Catholic 60-18, and Norfolk Christian 45-18.

Norfolk Collegiate finishes the regular season with a TCIS record of 5 – 2, and an overall record of 25 – 15.

Senior / Homecoming Day

The coaches honored their five senior wrestlers between matches for their contributions to the team, their school, and the dedication and support from their parents.

Tony Protogyrou 126 lbs., career NCS record holder for wins with 179 and counting, TCIS Champion, 3X State Place Winner, State Champion, National Prep All-American. Tony has signed a letter of intent to wrestle at VMI.

Nolan Leavitt 132 lbs., Team Captain, TCIS 2nd & 3rd Placer. Nolan will attend West Virginia, Mary Washington, or VCU.

Ian Stokes 145 lbs., returned to the wrestling team after a two year absence posting a 19-9 record, Atlantic Coast Sailing Champion, Top Ten National Olympic Hopeful Sail Boarder. AP Scholar with Honors. Ian will attend UNC – Charleston, UVA, University of California Berkeley, or UC Santa Babara.

Eli Oser 170 lbs., is a first year wrestler and excellent back up. Eli also participates in soccer and sailing. He will attend Radford or VCU.

Mike Thomas 138 lbs., is also a first year wrestler, very athletic. Mike is a very talented singer and has his band “Live Evil” on Facebook. Mike will attend the University of Oregon, Oregon State, University of Colorado, or Arizona State.

The Oaks MS/JV team will wrestle in the Fat Tuesday Classic at Norfolk Academy Feb. 10 at 4:00 pm.


The Varsity Oaks will host the TCIS Championship Saturday Feb. 11 at 10:00 am.


Little Oaks MS/JV Invitational Results

91 – 96 lbs., Bailey Pettrey 4th place 100 – 105 lbs., Elijah Nestor 4th place 106-110 lbs., Brycen Pettrey 1st

Mike Dashiell 2nd, Sid Studebaker 3rd. 111-116 lb., Charlie Bashara 2nd place 126-132 lbs., James Dublin 1st

Sean Kelley 2nd 138 lbs., Mike Ortiz 1st Jacob Conn 3rd

145 lbs., Mike Thomas 2nd 160 lbs., Cameron Ghafarri 1st Eli Oser 2nd

170 lbs., Jack Francis 2nd

Dual Results

Norfolk Collegiate 63 Pasquotank 6

106 B. Pettrey (NC) WBFF Forfeit
113 C. Bashara (NC) WBFF Forfeit
120 K. J. Edmond (NC) WBFF Forfeit
126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBF 1:22 S. Banks (P)
132 N. Leavitt (NC) WBF 1:50 A. Barton (P)
138 A. Sarris (NC) dec. 12-10 N. McDonald (P)
145 R. Hall (P) WBF 1:40 I. Stokes (NC)
152 N. Roistacher (NC) WBFF Forfeit
160 J. Conn (NC) WBF 1:31 F. Harns (P)
170 B. Sibley (NC) WBFF Forfeit
182 D. Baldwin (NC) WBFF Forfeit
195 C. Bennett (NC) WBFF Forfeit
220 No Match
285 No Match

Norfolk Collegiate 48 Edenton Holmes 33

106 T. Frye (EH) WBF :58 E. Nestor (NC)
113 C. Bashara (NC) WBF 4:08 R. Stallings (EH)
120 N. Lawrence (NC) WBF 2:18 G. Foreman (EH)
126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBFF Forfeit
132 N. Leavitt (NC) WBF 1:03 A. Jordan (EH)
138 A. Sarris (NC) WBF 1:24 N. Forehand (EH)
145 I. Stokes (NC) WBF 1:14 C. Kovalowski (EH)
152 N. Roistacher (NC) WBF 1:06 T. Schyler (EH)
160 D. Bunch (EH) dec. 1-0 J. Conn (NC)
170 B. Sibley (NC) WBFF Forfeit
182 A. Brownridge (EH) WBF 3:05 D. Baldwin (NC)
195 B. Timor (EH) WBF 3:51 C. Bennett (NC)
220 T. Rand (EH) WBFF Forfeit
285 P. Mathews (EH) WBFF Forfeit

Norfolk Collegiate 27 First Flight 44

106 A. Griffin (FF) WBF :44 E. Nestor (NC)
113 I. Decker (FF) M dec. 12-1 C. Bashara (NC)
120 K.J. Edmond (NC) WBF 2:27 J. Rambo (FF)
126 T. Protogyrou (NC) dec. 6-0 A. Monaco (FF)
132 S. Eure (FF) dec. 6-4 N. Leavitt (NC)
138 C. Knieper (FF) dec. 4-0 A. Sarris (NC)
145 E. Leithouser (FF) WBF 1:47 I. Stokes (NC)
152 N. Roistacher (NC) WBF 4:25 J. Wismer (FF)
160 J. Conn (NC) WBFF Forfeit
170 J. Rodriquez (FF) WBF 2:30 B. Sibley (NC)
182 A. Williams (FF) TFall 21-6 D. Baldwin (NC)
195 C. Bennett (NC) WBFF Forfeit
220 L. Beal (FF) WBFF Forfeit
285 B. Lindsey (FF) WBFF Forfeit

Norfolk Collegiate 72 Greenbrier Christian 0

145 I. Stokes (NC) WBF 3:00 T. Dykes (GCA)

Norfolk Collegiate 54 Peninsula Catholic 18

106 N. Zimmerman (PC) WBF 3:00 E. Nestor (NC)
113 C. Bashara (NC) WBF 1:29 S. Kiddy (PC)
120 K.J. Edmond (NC) dec. 7-5 C. Fasilla (PC)
126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBFF Forfeit
132 N. Leavitt (NC) WBF :37 J. Bills (PC)
138 A. Sarris (NC) M dec. 21-10 O. Semmes (PC)
145 I. Stokes (NC) WBF 3:12 C. Duke (PC)
152 N. Roistacher (NC) WBF 1:08 Z. Zimmerman (PC)
160 J. Conn (NC) WBFF Forfeit
170 B. Sibley (NC) WBF 3:08 G. Lively (PC)
182 D. Baldwin (NC) WBFF Forfeit
195 D. Hawthausen (PC) WBF 1:15 C. Bennett (NC)
220 M. Kimsuick (PC) WBFF Forfeit
285 No Match

Norfolk Collegiate 51 Norfolk Christian 18

106 R. Etheridge (NChr) WBF :28 E. Nestor (NC)
113 C. Bashara (NC) WBFF Forfeit
120 K. J. Edmond (NC) WBFF Forfeit
126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBFF Forfeit
132 N. Leavitt (NC) WBF 3:39 L. Pethtell (NChr)
138 A. Sarris (NC) WBF 1:16 T. Wiedenhoeft (NChr)
145 I. Stokes (NC) WBF 3:11 C. Burns (NChr)
152 C. Robinson (NChr) M dec. 11-3 N. Roistacher (NC)
160 J. Conn (NC) dec. 7-4 G. de Mik (NChr)
170 T. Critides (NChr) dec. ot 10-8 B. Sibley (NC)
182 D. Baldwin (NC) WBF 1:57 D. Colanna (NChr)
195 C. Bennett (NC) WBFF Forfeit
220 J. Halvorson (NChr) WBFF Forfeit
285 No Match

Norfolk Collegiate TCIS 5-2, Overall 25-15.

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