Wrestlers Third at Franklin Duals

         The varsity wrestling team won four of five matches at the Franklin Duals over the weekend and Tony Protogyrou won his third Outstanding Wrestler Award of the season.

The Oaks started off avenging an early season loss by criteria to Lancaster with a 42-37 win with Tony Protogyrou collecting the first of his five pins on the day, upping his season record to 30-1.

Team captain Nolan Leavitt and eighth grade phenom Charlie Bashara also won all five of their bouts on the day. Leavitt currently has a seven-match win streak and has been very impressive since dropping to the 132-pound weight class.

The team then defeated AAA Prince George 54-30. The Oaks seven match win streak was stopped by eventual tournament champion King William High School by a 43-30 score.

The Oaks rebounded by defeating the host Franklin Bronco’s 60-22, en route to giving coach Mike Newbern his 400th career victory as a head coach. The coaches 23-year career mark is now 401-152-5.

The young Oaks who start two seniors, one junior, five sophomores, one freshman, and two eighth graders then won the ten team tournament 3rd place match with a solid 53-27 victory over Middlesex High School. The teams parental and fan support
which has been outstanding this year, was again Saturday. The coaches and wrestlers appreciate your being there with us!

The wrestlers will hit the mat again Tuesday at Norfolk Academy. Wrestling will start at 5. The Oaks will also wrestle Norfolk Christian.

The Oaks record on the season is now 14-9. Scroll down for match results.

For a slideshow of more than 100 pictures from the matches taken by George Sarris, go to NCS Wrestlers.

Norfolk Collegiate 42 Lancaster 37

106 B. Pettrey (NC) WBFF Forfeit

113 C. Bashara (NC) WBF :45 R. Cutler (L)

120 K.J. Edmond (NC) WBFF Forfeit

126 N. Lawrence (NC) WBFF Forfeit

132 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBF :17 J. Hodges (L)

138 N. Leavitt (NC) WBF 3:09 B. Nickerson (L)

145 B. Smith (L) Mdec. 9-1 A. Sarris (NC)

152 C. Johnson (L) dec. 8-6 ot N. Roistacher (NC)

160 J. Conn (NC) WBF 4:28 T. Hyde (L)

170 S. Chambers (L) WBF 4:46 B. Sibley (NC)

182 D. Baldwin (NC) WBF 2:30 E. Lewis (L)

195 K. Antonio (L) WBFF Forfeit

220 C. Hayden (L) WBFF Forfeit

285 B. Johnson (L) WBFF Forfeit

Norfolk Collegiate 54 Prince George 30

106 B. Pettrey (NC) WBFF Forfeit

113 C. Bashara (NC) WBFF Forfeit

120 J. Hargett (PG) WBF 2:46 K.J. Edmond (NC)

126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBF 2:48 M. Burger (PG)

132 N. Leavitt (NC) WBFF Forfeit

138 M. Ortiz (NC) WBFF Forfeit

145 A. Sarris (NC) WBFF Forfeit

152 N. Roistacher (NC) WBFF Forfeit

160 E. Golden (PG) WBF :55 J. Conn (NC)

170 B. Sibley (NC) WBFF Forfeit

182 E. Oser (NC) WBFF Forfeit

195 Z. Redford (PG) WBF 3:11 D. Baldwin (NC)

220 J. Pervall (PG) WBFF Forfeit

285 T. Barglof (PG) WBFF Forfeit

Norfolk Collegiate 30 King William 44

106 K. Crawford (KW) WBF 1:38 B. Pettrey (NC)

113 C. Bashara (NC) WBF :23 N. Harris (KW)

120 D. Crawford (KW) TFall 15-0 K.J. Edmond (NC)

126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBF :51 C. Glenn (KW)

132 N. Leavitt (NC) WBF 3:25 K. Harley (KW)

138 A. Sarris (NC) WBF 3:06 M. Adams (KW)

145 M. Harris (KW) WBF 3:46 M. Ortiz (NC)

152 J. Marius (KW) WBF 1:06 N. Roistacher (NC)

160 M. Metzger (KW) dec. 12-6 J. Conn (NC)

170 N. Pisano (KW) WBF 1:25 B. Sibley (NC)

182 T. Gilbertson (KW) WBF 4:58 D. Baldwin (NC)

195 C. Bennett (NC) WBFF Forfeit

220 S. Horton (KW) WBFF Forfeit

285 No match

Norfolk Collegiate 60 Franklin 22

106 C. Banks (F) MD 15-2 B. Pettrey (NC)

113 C. Bashara (NC) WBFF Forfeit

120 K.J. Edmond (NC) WBFF Forfeit

126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBF 3:38 X. Freeman (F)

132 N. Leavitt (NC) WBFF Forfeit

138 M. Ortiz (NC) WBFF Forfeit

145 A. Sarris (NC) WBF 1:59 K. Banks (F)

152 N. Roistacher (NC) WBF 1:41 A. Cromwell (F)

160 J. Conn (NC) WBF 1:38 N. Jones (F)

170 B. Sibley (NC) WBF 1:18 K. Reese (F)

182 D. Baldwin (NC) WBF 2:36 Z. Hopkins (F)

195 E. Ricks (F) WBFF Forfeit

220 R. Jordan (F) WBFF Forfeit

285 A. Coff-Davis (F) WBFF Forfeit

Norfolk Collegiate 53 Middlesex County 27

106 B. Pettrey (NC) WBFF Forfeit

113 C. Bashara (NC) WBFF Forfeit

120 N. Lawrence (NC WBFF Forfeit

126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBF 3:14 T. Ellis (M)

132 N. Leavitt (NC) WBF 3: 14 M. Robinson (M)

138 R. Jessup (M) WBF 5:09 M. Ortiz (NC)

145 C. Dameron (M) Dec. 14-8 A. Sarris (NC)

152 N. Roistacher (NC) WBFF Forfeit

160 J. Conn (NC) WBFF Forfeit

170 G. Fisher (M) WBF 5:14 B. Sibley (M)

182 E. Oser (NC) TFall 15-0 N. Fulman (M)

195 D. Baldwin (NC) WBFF Forfeit

220 R. Skelton (M) WBFF Forfeit

285 T. Rowe (M) WBFF Forfeit

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