Oaks Grapplers Finish Second in Duals

Princess Anne dominated the Oak Duals Saturday, going 4-0 and winning their pool.

The host Oaks dropped their opening match 33-33 on most falls criteria to Lancaster, but roared back to defeat Norfolk Christian, 51-30, and Maury 42-42 on criteria with fewer penalty points. The Oaks are 5-7 on the young season.

They host a six team rotational duals meet Wednesday beginning at 5 p.m.

Saturday’s Results:

Princes Anne 63 Norfolk Collegiate 18

106 D. Tyler (PA) WBF 1:45 E. Nestor (NC)
113 Fitzgerald (PA) WBF 4:24 C. Bashara (NC)
120 Warner (PA) Wdec. 14-11 KJ Edmond (NC)
126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBF 3:28 Landreth (PA)
132 Saunders (PA) WBF :33 Ja. Conn (NC)
138 Spadoni (PA) WBF 3:02 N. Leavitt (NC)
145 I. Stokes (NC) WBF :42 Theirman (PA)
152 Gilbert (PA) WBF 2:24 A. Sarris (NC)
160 B. Sibley (NC) WBF :24 T. Ray (PA)
170 Pritchard (PA) WBF 4:36 Jo. Conn (NC)
182 Hawkins (PA) WBF 1:16 C. Bennett (NC)
195 Kelleher (PA) WBF 2:57 D. Baldwin (NC)
220 Workman (PA) WBFF Forfeit
285 Snyder (PA) WBFF Forfeit

Norfolk Collegiate 42*W Criteria Maury 42

106 A. Smith (M) WBF 1:54
E. Nestor (NC)
113 J. Wilson (M) WBF 1:02 C. Bashara (NC)
120 KJ Edmond (NC) WBF 1:33 B. Dudek (M)
126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBFF Forfeit
132 D. Yobt (M) WBF 1:41 Ja. Conn (NC)
138 N. Leavitt (NC) WBF 1:49 B. Waiton (M)
145 I. Stokes (NC) WBF 1:47 J. Hermann (M)
152 A. Sarris (NC) WBFF Forfeit
160 B. Sibley (NC) WBF :57 M. Barnes (M)
170 Jo. Conn (NC) WBF 1:06 J. Rivas (M)
182 C. Bennett (NC) WBFF Forfeit
195 D. Johnson (M) WBF 1:58 D. Baldwin (NC)
220 J. Flood (M) WBFF Forfeit
285 Gaylord (M) WBFF Forfeit

Norfolk Collegiate 51 Norfolk Christian 30

106 S. Frech (NChr) WBF :30 E. Nestor (NC)
113 C. Bashara (NC) WBF :49 R. Etheridge (NChr)
120 KJ Edmond (NC) WBF 1:46 B. Wentz (NChr)
126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBFF Forfeit
132 L. Pethtell (NC) WBF 1:49 Ja. Conn (NC)
138 N. Leavitt (NC) WBF 3:20 C. Burns (NChr)
145 I. Stokes (NC) WBF 1:47 T. Wiedenhoft (NChr)
152 C. Robinson (NChr) WBF 3:12 A. Sarris (NC)
160 B. Sibley (NC) WBFF Forfeit
170 Jo. Conn (NC) Wdec. 12-8 G. de Mik (NChr)
182 C. Bennett (NC) WBFF Forfeit
195 D. Baldwin (NC) WBFF Forfeit
220 D. Colonna (NChr) WBFF Forfeit
285 T. Alexander (NChr) WBFF Forfeit

Norfolk Collegiate 33 Lancaster 33* W by criteria

106 E. Nestor (NC) WBFF Forfeit
113 C. Bashara (NC) WBFF Forfeit
120 KJ Edmond (NC) WBFF Forfeit
126 T. Protogyrou (NC) WBFF Forfeit
132 J. Hodges (L) WBF 3:12 Ja. Conn (NC)
138 N. Leavitt (NC) W dec 8-1 T. Fisher (L)
145 B. Smith (L) W dec. 10-4 I. Stokes (NC)
152 S. Friday (L) W dec. 4-0 A. Sarris (NC)
160 B. Sibley (NC) WBF :52 T. Hyde (L)
170 S. Chambers (L) W dec. 4-1 J. Conn (NC)
182 E. Keen (L) WBF 3:15 C. Bennett (NC)
195 G. Antonio (L) WBF 3:58 D. Baldwin (NC)
220 Double Forfeit
285 D. McGrath (L) WBFF Forfeit

Norfolk Collegiate is 5-7 on the year.

Other team dual scores from the tournament

Maury 51 Norfolk Christian 24
Maury 45 Lancaster 33
Wilson 66 Norfolk Collegiate B 18
Princess Anne 57 Lake Taylor 13
Lake Taylor 51 Norfolk Collegiate B 12
Lancaster 48 Norfolk Christian 24
Norfolk Christian 42 Norfolk Collegiate B 36
Wilson 42 Maury 42

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