Busy, Successful Weekend for Wrestlers

The varsity wrestling team fought through an exhausting weekend tournament schedule, winning once and dropping two close decisions in the Maury Kickoff Classic on Friday, then coming back to finish fourth, winning twice, in the  Wilson’s President’s Cup.

Defending state champion Tony Protogyrou was named the outstanding wrestler at the lower weights in the Wilson Cup. Protogyrou had six falls, one forfeit victory and one decison in eight matches by fall over the two days.


Maury  39   Norfolk Collegiate 36

 106     D. Smith (M)             WBF   :49          E. Nestor (NC)

113     J. Williams (M)         WBF  1:36         C. Bashara (NC)

120     Double Forfeit

126     T. Protogyrou (NC)   WBF   :19         B. Dudek (M)

132     D. Yotp (M)                WBF 1:50         Jacob Conn (NC)

138     N. Leavitt (NC)          WBFF               Forfeit (M)

145     I. Stokes (NC)             WBF 1:50         Union (M)

152     N. Roistacher (NC)     WBFF              Forfeit (M)

160     M. Baines (M)             WBF 1:45        C. Ghafarri (NC)

170     J. Rivas (M)                 Wdec. 5-3 ot    Joey Conn

182     C. Bennett (NC)          WBFF              Forfeit (M)

195     D. Baldwin (NC)         WBF 3:18        V. Mohammed (M)

220     J. Flood (M)                WBFF              Forfeit (NC)

285     H. Gaylord (M)           WBF 1:55        A. Souza-Posa (NC)




Churchland 42      Norfolk Collegiate 36

 106    E. Nestor (NC)            WBFF                Forfeit (C)

113    P. Horton (C)               WBF 1:20          C. Bashara (NC)

120    Benratty (C)                WBFF                Forfeit (NC)

126    Gillespie (C)                WBF  :33           S. Kelley (NC)

132    T. Protogyrou (NC)    WBF 1:25          Walker (C)

138    N. Leavitt (NC)           WBF  :51           Whitaker (C)

145    I. Stokes (NC)              WBF 4:46          Castillo (C)

152    Marshall (C)                W dec. 4-1         A. Sarris (NC)

160    Fiorendo (C)                W dec. 12-5       N. Roistacher (NC)

170    Thomas (C)                  WBF 4:53          B. Sibley (NC)

182    J. Conn (NC)               WBF 4:45           Thigpen (C)

195    D. Baldwin (NC)          WBF  :33           Reid (C)

220    Giles (C)                       WBFF                Forfeit (NC)

285    Marino (C)                   WBF 2:25          A. Souza-Posa (NC)


Norfolk Collegiate 42  Green Run 39

 106   Steimling (GR)                WBF   :52        E. Nestor (NC)

113   C. Bashara (NC)              WBF 3:39        Hazard (GR)

120   Olsen (GR)                       WBFF              Forfeit (NC)

126   Stephens (GR)                  WBF  :59        S. Kelley (NC)

132   T. Protogyrou (NC)          WBF1:04        Maresca (GR)

138   N. Leavitt (NC)                 WBF 5:21       Darby (GR)

145   I. Stokes (NC)                   WBF 1:31       Ferro (GR)

152   Van Wroten (NC)             W dec. 11-4     N. Roistacher (NC)

160   C. Ghafarri (NC)             WBFF              Forfeit (GR)

170   J. Conn (NC)                    WBF 3:24        Hunter (GR)

182   C. Bennett (NC)               WBF 3:19        Mascall (GR)

195   Spyres (GR)                      WBF 3:27       D. Baldwin (NC)

220   Alcorn (GR)                      WBFF             Forfeit (NC)

285   Murillo (GR)                     WBF 1:20      A. Souza-Posa (NC)

Wilson President’s Cup Wrestling Tournament

Team Places: 1st Bayside 5-0

2nd Lake Taylor 4-1

3rd Arcadia 3-2

4th Norfolk Collegiate 2-3

5th Wilson 1-4

6th B.T. Washington 0-5

Outstanding Wrestler Lower Weights: 132 Tony Protogyrou (NC)

Upper Weights: 285 T. Camp (Wil)

Norfolk Collegiate 24 Lake Taylor 42

106 J. Akujuobi (LT)           WBF :36           E. Nestor (NC)

113 C. Bertelson (LT)          WBF 1:19        B. Pettrey (NC)

120 C. Bashara (NC)           WBF 3:47         Grimes (LT)

126 Wilson (LT)                    WBF :46           S. Kelley (NC)

132 T. Protogyrou (NC)       WBF 1:33        Johnson (LT)

138 Ellsworth (LT)               WBF 2:52         J. Conn (NC)

145 C. Saunders (LT)          WBF 4:38          I. Stokes (NC)

152 D. Minor (LT)                WMD 20-7         N. Roistacher (NC)

160 J. Taylor (LT)                WBF 1:02          C. Ghafarri (NC)

170 R. Rankins (LT)            WBF 3:20          B. Sibley (NC)

182 D. Baldwin (NC)           WBFF                  Forfeit (LT)

195 C. Bennett (NC)             WBFF                 Forfeit (LT)

220 Double Foreit

285 Double Forfeit


Norfolk Collegiate 24 Bayside 48

106 J. Furiong (B)                     WBF 1:00              E. Nestor (NC)

113 C. Bashara (NC)                 WBF 1:11              J. West (B)

120 Doudle Forfeit

126 Ballard (B)                           WBF :20                S. Kelley (NC)

132 T. Protogyrou (NC)            Wdec. 6-0             G. Grandstaff (B)

138 J. Conn (NC) W                   dec. 7-5                 D. Luna (B)

145 F. Lamb (B)                         WBF 4:27               A. Sarris (NC)

152 D. Jackson (B)                    WBF 1:15               I. Stokes (NC)

160 K. Lyons (B)                         WBF 1:19               N. Roistacher (NC)

170 A. Wilson (B)                       WBF 1:00                B. Sibley (NC)

182 D. Baldwin (NC)                  WBF 1:12                I. Stallworth (B)

195 C. Bennett (NC)                  WBFF                       Forfeit (B)

220 E. Alfred (B)                         WBFF                      Forfeit (NC)

285 A. Pendleton (B)                 WBFF                       Forfeit (NC)

Arcadia 54 Norfolk Collegiate 30

106 E. Nestor (NC)                      WBFF                     Forfeit (A)

113 S. Chase (A)                           WBF 3:08              C. Bashara (NC)

120 D. Barnes (A)                        WBFF                     Forfeit (NC)

126 S. Kelley (NC)                        WBFF                      Forfeit (A)

132 T. Protogyrou (NC)               WBF 3:18               G. Hernandez (A)

138 R. Reilly (A)                            WBF 1:58               J. Conn (NC)

145 M. Nelson (A)                         WBF 1:17               I. Stokes (NC)

152 N. Roistacher (NC)                WBF 1:48               B. Padgett (A)

160 Grafarn (A)                             WBF 1:17               C. Ghafarri (NC)

170 A. Bryan (A)                           WBF 2:40                 B. Sibley (NC)

182 D. Baldwin (NC)                    WBF 3:58                 A. Rodriquez (A)

195 G. Williams (A)                       WBF :47                  C. Bennett (NC)

220 V. Rodriquez (A)                    WBFF                       Forfeit (NC)

285 Z. Sepelak (A)                        WBFF                       Forfeit (NC)

Norfolk Collegiate 57 B. T. Washington 21

106 B. Pettrey (NC)                      WBFF                   Forfeit (BTW)

113 E. Nestor (NC)                        WBFF                   Forfeit (BTW)

120 C. Bashara (NC)                     WBFF                   Forfeit (BTW)

126 S. Kelley (NC)                         WBFF                    Forfeit (BTW)

132 T. Protogyrou (NC)                WBFF                    Forfeit (BTW)

138 J. Conn (NC)                            WBFF                   Forfeit (BTW)

145 A. Sarris (NC)                           Wdec. 25-18      W. Russell (BTW)

152 I. Stokes (NC)                         WBF :18               V. Aventio (BTW)

160 R. Simmons (BTW)                  Wdec. 9-8           N. Roistacher (NC)

170 C. Thomas (BTW)                    WBF 1:11             C. Ghafarri (NC)

182 D. Baldwin (NC)                       WBFF                    Forfeit (BTW)

195 C. Bennett (NC)                       WBFF                    Forfeit (BTW)

220 D. Howell (BTW)                      WBFF                   Forfeit (NC)

285 T. Purvis (BTW)                        WBFF                   Forfeit (NC)

Norfolk Collegiate 48  Wilson 33

106 B. Pettrey (NC)                         WBFF                       Forfeit (W)

113 E. Nestor (NC)                          WBFF                        Forfeit (W)

120 C. Bashara (NC)                        WBFF                       Forfeit (W)

126 S. Kelley (NC)                            WBFF                       Forfeit (W)

132 T. Protogyrou (NC)                   WBF 3:26                Clifton (W)

138 Williams (W)                              WMD 15-6              N. Leavitt (NC)

145 A. Sarris (NC)                             WBF 3:56                Lowery (W)

152 Turner (W)                                 WBF 1:03                I. Stokes (NC)

160 Nhamadiyang (W)                     WBF 2:27                N. Roistacher (NC)

170 E. Oser (NC)                                WBFF                       Forfeit (W)

182 S. Black (W)                                WBF 4:29                C. Bennett (NC)

195 D. Baldwin (NC)                         WBF 3:44                 S. Johnson (W)

220 T. Reynolds (W)                         WBFF                        Forfeit (NC)

285 T. Camp (W)                               WBFF                         Forfeit (NC)

Norfolk Collegiate is 3-5

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