Sailors Second at TCIS Championship

DSC_1045Norfolk Collegiate’s varsity sailing team finished second Tuesday at the TCIS Championship behind Norfolk Academy.

The Oaks had the top boat in the competition, but the scores of the designated top three boats are totaled to determine the team championship. Collegiate’s boats finished first, fourth, and tenth in the regatta (another Collegiate boat finished sixth, but was not among those counted in the final standings).
Nansemond-Suffolk Academy finished third in the five-school regatta.

The final point totals were: Norfolk Academy 109, Norfolk Collegiate 120, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy 234. Lowest score wins. Nine races were sailed.

The Oaks sail in the state championship on Saturday.

DSC_0751 (2)1 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 1       17 17
2 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 1                       31 31
3 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 2                       58 58
4 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 3     62 62
5 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 3 64 64
6 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 6     73 73
7 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 8 78 78
8 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 5 79 79
9 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Varsity 1 80 80
10 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 2   92 92
11 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 6 111 111
12 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 5   119 119
13 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Varsity 2 124 124
14 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 7 125 125
15 Hampton Roads Academy Varsity 1 133 133
16 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 4 143 143
17 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 7 148 148
18 Walsingham Academy Varsity 1 151 151
19 Hampton Roads Academy Varsity 3 160 160
20 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 8 175 175
21 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Varsity 3 176 176
22 Norfolk Collegiate School Oaks 4 185 185
23 Walsingham Academy Varsity 2 188

Field Hockey Bows Out at Walsingham

DSC_1824Walsingham Academy defeated the Oaks field hockey team, 5-1, Tuesday in Williamsburg, ending the squad’s season.

Collegiate ended the season 5-7-1.

For pictures from the season, go to Oaks Field Hockey.

Tidewater Conference: Norfolk Academy 12-4-1, 6-0; Cape Henry 10-3-2, 5-1; Bishop Sullivan 10-10, 4-2; Walsingham 14-4, 3-3; Nansemond-Suffolk 8-9-2, 1-4-1; Norfolk Collegiate 5-7-1, 1-4-1; Hampton Roads 4-11-1, 0-6.



Sailors Third and Ninth at Regional Races

DSC_0515The Oaks sailing team finished third in a weekend team racing regatta featuring schools from the Mid-Atlantic in Rochester, NY.

Skippers for the Collegiate boats were Victor Layne, Dreugh Phillips, Ellie Maus, and Darden Purrington while Nick Baker, Sarah Smith, Daniel Vail, and Nathan Stell were the crews.

A week earlier, Collegiate sailors finished ninth at the regional fleet racing championships.

DSC_0540Mid_Atlantic Team Race at Rochester.


1 Christchurch School Seahorses 18-2 Hector Guzman ’16 Claire Rae ’16
Jack Elkin ’15 Eric DeMario ’18
Alex Moreno ’15 Annabel Carrington ’15
Andy Burns ’17

2 Severn School Admirals 14-6 Floyd Nick ’15 Morgan Ian ’15
White Emma ’15 Blair Reilly ’18 *
Connor Bayless ’17 Bass Parker ’16
Houck Stephanie ’17
McNeil Caroline ’18

20141019_1315003 Norfolk Collegiate School Varsity 10-7 Dreugh Phillips ’16 Sarah Smith ’18
Ellie Maus ’18 Nathan Stell ’17
Darden Purrington ’16 Nick Baker ’16
Victor Layne ’16 Daniel Vail ’17


4 Norfolk Academy Bulldogs 11-9 Gray Kiger ’16 Alek Sas ’18
James Whitmore ’16 Marshall McCraw ’16
Jessica Williams ’16 Alexander Singh ’15
5 Annapolis High School Panthers 10-10 Kyle Comerford ’15 Kimberly Leonard ’18
Porter Kavle ’18 Nicholas Salvesen ’15
Remington King ’15 Lexi Pline ’15
Sarah Smith ’15
Rebecca Osborn ’15

Mid-Atlantic Fleet Race Oct. 18 at Annapolis

1. Christchurch School

2. Severn School

3. Norfolk Academy

4. Annapolis High School.

5. Key School.

6. Irondequit High School.

7. Christian Brothers Academy.

8. Archbishop Spalding High School.

9. Norfolk Collegiate.

10. Rumson-Fairhaven Regional High School.

DSC_0595 (2)

Tennis Team Sixth at TCIS; Advances to State

DSC_1223 DSC_1234The girls tennis team finished sixth in the TCIS Tournament held over the weekend, mirroring their sixth place regular season finish.

“That is pretty good considering the top five players out of six from last year are no longer on the team. I was extremely proud of the performances my girls turned in at TCIS,” Coach Debbie Meadows said. “They are a very young team and they all played with a great deal of heart.”

The team, ranked sixth in Division II in the state, advances to the state tournament beginning Nov. 4.

TCIS tournament

At Huntington Park

Team standings

1. Norfolk Academy 70; 2. Cape Henry 65; 3. Nansemond-Suffolk 46; 4. Hampton Roads 37; 5. Norfolk Christian 34; 6. Norfolk Collegiate 32; 7. Bishop Sullivan 27; 8. Walsingham 8; 9. Peninsula Catholic 3.

Singles finals

#1: Pilkington (CH) d. Sullivan (NA), 6-1, 6-1; #2: Kahatapitiya (NA) d. Shelton (CH), 6-2, 7-6 (6-3); #3: Chandler (NA) d. Grinde (CH), 6-1, 6-4; #4: Kalfus (CH) d. Riordan (NA), 6-3, 6-4; #5: Siegel (NA) d. Limroth (CH), 6-0, 6-3; #6: Strelitz (NA) d. Kondas (CH), 6-2, 6-1.

Doubles finals

#1: Sullivan-Kahatapitiya (NA) d. Pilkington-Shelton (CH), 6-3, 7-6 (6-4); #2: Chandler-Riordan (NA) d. Kalfus-Grinde (CH), 6-2, 6-0; #3: Siegel-Benkovitz (NA) d. Limroth-Kondas (CH), 6-3, 6-0.
Girls tennis

TCIS Tournament

#1 singles

Quarterfinals: Pilkington (Cape Henry) d. Shea (Walsingham), 10-0; Fields (Hampton Roads) d. Kezmen (Bishop Sullivan), 10-7; Sullivan (Norfolk Academy) d. Toomy (Norfolk Collegiate), 10-0; Sellers (Nansemond-Suffolk) d. Washington (Norfolk Christian), 10-5.

Semifinals: Pilkington (CHC) d. Fields (HRA), 6-1, 6-1; Sullivan (NA) d. Sellars (NSA), 6-1, 6-1.

#2 singles

Quarterfinals: Shelton (CHC) d. Daigneault (WA), 10-0; Brodsky (NCo) d. Khandpur (NSA), 10-5; Kahatapitiya (NA) d. Sullivan (BSC), 10-0; Prillaman (HRA) d. Hobbs (NCh), 10-4.

Semifinals: Shelton (CHC) d. Brodsky (NCo), 6-2, 6-2; Kahatapitiya (NA) d. Prillaman (HRA), 6-0, 6-2.

DSC_1237#3 singles

Quarterfinals: Grinde (CHC) d. Ague (WA), 10-0; Kozak (NSA) d. Farny (NCo), 10-6; Chandler (NA) d. Lloyd (HRA), 10-1; DeBose (BSC) d. S. Johnson (NCh), 10-5.

Semifinals: Grinde (CHC) d. Kozak (NSA), 6-0, 6-0; Chandler (NA) d. DeBose (BSC), 6-0, 6-1.

#4 singles

Quarterfinals: Kalfus (CHC) d. Agor (WA), 10-0; Gottlieb (NSA) d. Walthall (NCh), 10-7; Riordan (NA) d. Mixon (BSC), 10-3; Casey (HRA) d. J. Johnson (NCh), 10-5.

Semifinals: Kalfus (CHC) d. Gottlieb (NSA), 6-1, 6-0; Riordan (NA) d. Casey (HRA), 6-0, 6-1.

#5 singles

Quarterfinals: Siegel (NA) d. Edmonds (Peninsula Catholic), 10-0; Heisler (NCh) d. Haddad (NSA), 10-2; Limroth (CHC) d. Pilkington (BSC), 10-0; Wang (HRA) d. Potter (NCo), 10-8.

Semifinals: Siegel (NA) d. Heisler (NCh), 6-0, 6-0; Limroth (CHC) d. Wang (HRA), 6-1, 6-0.

#6 singles

Quarterfinals: Strelitz (NA) d. Dail (PC), 10-0; Pharr (NSA) d. Haley (NCh), 10-8; Kondas (CHC) d. Davis (BSC), 10-0; Jett (NCo) d. Howard (HRA), 10-6.

Semifinals: Strelitz (NA) d. Pharr (NSA), 6-0, 6-0; Kondas (CHC) d. Jett (NCo), 6-2, 4-6, 10-5.

#1 doubles

Quarterfinals: Pilkington-Shelton (CHC) d. Shea-Ague (WA), 10-0; Sellars-Khandpur (NSA) d. S. Johnson-Washington (NCh), 10-8; Sullivan-Kahatapitiya (NA) d. Sullivan-Mixon (BSC), 10-0; Fields-Prillaman (HRA) d. Toomy-Brodsky (NCo), 10-0.

Semifinals: Pilkington-Shelton (CHC) d. Sellars-Khandpur (NSA), 10-5; Sullivan-Kahatapitiya (NA) d. Fields-Prillaman (HRA), 10-2.

DSC_1240#2 doubles

Quarterfinals: Kalfus-Grinde (CHC) d. Daigneault-Agor (WA), 10-0; Hobbs-J. Johnson (NCh) d. Farny-Jett (NCo), 10-7; Chandler-Riordan (NA) d. Kozak-Gottlieb (NSA), 10-1; Kezmen-DeBose (BSC) d. Casey-Lloyd (HRA), 10-4.

Semifinals: Kalfus-Grinde (CHC) d. Hobbs-J. Johnson (NCh), 10-2; Chandler-Riordan (NA) d. Kezmen-DeBose (BSC), 10-3.

#3 doubles

Quarterfinals: Siegel-Benkovitz (NA) d. Dail-Edmonds (PC), 10-1; Heisler-Haley (NCh) d. Howard-Wang (HRA), 10-7; Limroth-Kondas (CHC) d. Pilkington-Coffman (BSC), 10-0; Pharr-Shah (NSA) d. Walthall-McMonagle (NCo), 10-3.

Semifinals: Siegel-Benkovitz (NA) d. Heisler-Haley (NCh), 10-1; Limroth-Kondas (CHC) d. Pharr-Shah (NSA), 10-6.

Field Hockey Team Derails Navigators

DSC_1871Sophomore Katie Georges scored twice and junior Maryliz Lentz scored once to lead the Oaks field hockey team to a thrilling 3-2 win over Hampton Roads Academy Friday at home.

The team opens play in the TCIS Tournament on Tuesday.

For pictures from the season, go to Oaks Field Hockey.

Norfolk Collegiate 3, Hampton Roads 2

G—NC, Georges 2, Lentz; HRA, Wane 2.


Boys Cross Country Second in Meet

DSC_0363The Collegiate boys placed a pair of runners in the top ten and finished second overall in the team race at Thursday’s Cape Henry Cross Country Invitational, held at Virginia Beach’s Mount Trashmore.

Senior Chris Bianchi – making his season debut – covered the 5-kilometer (3.1 mile) course in 19:05 to finish fourth in the race. Chandler Branton (19:40) took ninth and Thomas Batzel (20:33) added an 11th-place finish.

Harrison Fuller (21:44) wound up 20th, Frankie White was 25th and Matt Unrein ran a personal-record 24:10 to finish 29th.

On the girls side, Natalie Batzel (22:15) finished fourth overall in the varsity race, two spots ahead of teammate Claudia King, who ran a personal-best 22:51.

Cameron Brown and Maddie Foster finished 13th and 15th respectively for the Oaks, who were running somewhat shorthanded.

In JV action, Chas LeHew was 11th and Parker Gross finished 19th.

DSC_0358The Collegiate boys and girls teams will compete Thursday at the TCIS Championships in Newport News and then conclude their seasons just over a week later at the VISAA State Championships.

For pictures from the season, go to Oaks Cross Country.

Cape Henry Invitational


Teams: 1. Walsingham 21; 2. Norfolk Collegiate 56; 3. Cape Henry 61; 4. Isle of Wight 93; T5. Greenbrier Christian and Hampton Roads INC.

Individuals: 1. Jack Grimson (W) 17:07.91; Carr (HRA) 18:51.28; 3. Correll (W) 18:51.68.


Teams: 1. Walsingham 15; 2. Cape Henry 49; T3. Greenbrier Christian, Norfolk Collegiate, Isle of Wight INC.

Individuals: 1. Camryn Mann (W) 20:42.59; 2. Kinney (W) 20:43.86; 3. Riggs (W) 21:40.07.





Cross Country Team Strong at Invitational

DSC_0328The Collegiate girls and boys turned in strong performances on Thursday at the Norfolk Christian Invitational, Natalie Batzel and Chandler Branton, once again, leading the way at Northside Park.

Natalie took third in the girls race – her best finish of the season – and ran her best time this fall (21:31) in the process.

Claudia King (23:09) finished 14th in a tough field that featured defending state cross country champion, Peninsula Catholic.

Cameron King (23rd) and Sarah Smallets (26th) rounded out the varsity effort, while Gina Leanzo (25:25) ran a personal record as she finished third in the girls JV race.

DSC_0387For the boys, Chandler Branton continued his stretch of sub-20 minute performances, running 19:57 over the 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) course. Frankie White (20:43) followed in 26th place, two spots and ten seconds ahead of teammate Thomas Batzel.

Harrison Fuller (40th), Matt Unrein (57th) and Parker Gross (64th) completed the effort for the Oaks, who finished in fifth place in the team competition.

In the boys JV race, Chas LeHew (23:08) took 14th.


Volleyball Team Loses Finale

DSC_1397The girls volleyball team ended the season with a 3-0 loss to Hampton Roads Academy, dropping games by the scores of 25-7, 25-8, and 25-11.

The team finished the season with a 4-13 record.

For pictures from the season, go to Oaks Volleyball.

Soccer Team Full of Heart Ends Season

DSC_1308Norfolk Christian scored once in each half and the Oaks boys soccer team went down to defeat in the opener of the TCIS Tournament.

The game ended the team’s season with an 8-8 overall record, 4-4 in the TCIS.

“Commitment, effort and heart were the pillars for this year’s boys varsity soccer team at Norfolk Collegiate,” Coach Kai Evans said.
Twelve seniors graduated from last year’s squad so the team was a mix of young and old, experienced and newcomer.

“What this team lacked in soccer IQ and skill, they more than made up for in heart and hustle,” Evans added.

They won five straight, the longest streak of any boys team in the past three seasons.

“It was an honor working with and learning from such a wonderful group of young men,” Evans said. “The future remains bright for soccer at Norfolk Collegiate School with such exemplary leadership and effort lighting the way for future generations to come.”
For pictures from the season, go to Oaks Boys Soccer.


DSC_1003 - Copy

Volleyball Team Loses Two

_DSC0633The girls volleyball team played two tough matches, coming out on the short end, losing in three sets to Norfolk Christian on Tuesday and Christchurch School on Saturday.

In the Christian loss, the game scores were 25-20, 25-13, and 25-20.

In the Christchurch match, senior Peyton Fancher had a whopping 24 assists, making beautiful sets for junior Bailey Jones, who had 18 kills.

The girls scrambled all over the court, digging balls, and prolonging rallies, but lost 25-21, 25-22, and 26-24.




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